Almond Butter Banana Fudge

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Want to know how to make Almond Butter Banana Fudge? Well this is a real tasty and healthy treat for all you fitness enthusiasts! This goes great as a pre-workout or post-workout meal!

Here is what you need to start making it.

  • Half Cup of Almond Butter
  • 1 Whole Banana
  • 3 Tea Spoons of Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Baking tray to pour it into after your done!

It’s actually easier to make than you think!

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Crush a banana so its all mushy (Do this however you wish – I blended mine in my NutriBullet Blender)
  2. Add this into a Pan along with Half Cup of Almond Butter and 3 Tea Spoons full of Coconut Oil.
  3. Put the stove on low heat and start mixing them so it becomes warm and have all mixed well. Do this for around 30-50 seconds only. Don’t overheat it!
  4. If needed, you can blend it after in a blender to really get it like one delicious paste. If it’s too thick, add some water to soften it in the blender.
  5. Pour it into your baking tray – but make sure you have foil inside the tray when you pour it in.
  6. Chuck it in the Freezer for 5 hours so it becomes nice and solid.
  7. Take out, let it defrost for a little bit, cut, and eat!


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