Amazing Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

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You may or may not have heard, but this is a superfood that is more than just leaves or grass. It is actually among the most powerful natural detoxifying agents around!

Having just a shot glass of this is the equivalent health benefit of having about 2 pounds of green vegetables! Amazing right?

So what exactly does this little juicy beauty actually help with. Feast your eyes on this:

Lowers Appetite

One reason that dieters love this is that it prevents you from feeling hunger for longer! So this way, it prevents you from overeating. Best taken on an empty stomach.

Blood Circulation Enhancer

Wheatgrass has the ability to send more oxygen through into your blood. This is great for stimulating circulation.

Improve your Digestion

Forget getting all the tablets or drugs to help with your digestion. Go down the natural and healthy route and you’ll find that Wheatgrass will clear your bowels from IBS, Ulcers and even Mucous. It is rich in Vitamin B, Amino Acids and Enzymes that help it to accomplish this.


Wheatgrass contains Chlorophyll, which is a pigment found in all green plants that give it energy to photosynthesise. This is a also a powerful ingredient that treats inflammation, associated to joint pains.

Smell Nice

Surprisingly, this is a natural BO killer. Wheatgrass juice helps eliminate bad breath and removes toxins from the body that contribute to body odour.

Replace Mouthwash for Excellent Teeth

Rinse your mouth for a few minutes with Wheatgrass and feel the freshness in your teeth and also prevent tooth decay.

Healthy Liver

One of the major effects of Wheatgrass is its health benefits for your liver. This really restores and revitalises your liver back to a good health.

Prevent Cancer

Due to its potent detoxifying properties, wheatgrass works to keep the blood clean and oxygenated as well as the red blood cell count high. Cancer thrives in a low-oxygen environment, so the wheatgrass contributes to cancer prevention.

Other Benefits:

  • Treats Sunburn
  • Stabilises blood sugar levels
  • Clear sinus congestions
  • Provides healthier looking skin
  • Boosts your immune system to stay flu/sick free
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