Bad Effects of Sugar

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If there’s anyone thats known for having a sweet-tooth, yep, that’s me!

But there are lots of healthy alternatives that you can have to satisfy your sweet-tooth.

Over Christmas, I went to a christmas market in London, and came across this sweet stall.

I thought I was gonna dive in and just start biting into each and every single one of them!

But I resisted. Let me tell you why!

Why Sugar is Bad for you

  1. Sugar Contains No Essential Nutrients and is Bad For Your Teeth
  2. Sugar is High in Fructose, Which Can Overload Your Liver
  3. Overloading The Liver With Fructose Can Cause Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  4. Sugar Can Cause Insulin Resistance, a Stepping Stone Towards Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
  5. The Insulin Resistance Can Progress to Type II Diabetes
  6. Due to its Effects on Hormones and the Brain, Sugar has Unique Fat-Promoting Effects
  7. Because it Causes Massive Dopamine Release in The Brain, Sugar is Highly Addictive
  8. Sugar is a Leading Contributor to Obesity in Both Children and Adults
  9. It Ain’t The Fat… It’s SUGAR That Raises Your Cholesterol and Gives You Heart Disease

Ofcourse you can have some sugar once in a while, but stay within your daily limits and try to replace with sugar alternatives wherever possible!

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