Benefits of Acupuncture on your Back

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Do you get back pain quite often? Does it hurt after a workout, or just sitting at the office? You may have twisted muscles or a stiff back due to injury or bad posture. It is also the No 1 most popular reason for people to get Acupuncture. So what benefits does it provide?

Let me tell you about my experience of Acupuncture on my back.

Last year, I came to the gym to do a workout, and for some reason, I didn’t warm up or stretch – a good reason why you should always do this! I instead, went straight to the Squat Racks and started doing squats. Ok ok, that was my fault, but the rack was free, and that was a rare thing in my gym! So I did squats, but after the 4th one, I heard a click or a tear on the right hand side of my middle back.

Since then, I had injured that muscle for the next 8 months! Ouch right!?

I had rested for a month, then proceeded with weekly deep tissue massage sessions, which then followed physio sessions. I then tried Acupuncture based on the recommendation of my physiotherapist. It was a very strange feeling, but it did not hurt. In fact, after a few of these needles being dug straight into my back muscles, I felt a lot of the muscle tension being relieved, and felt a lot better! It felt like a miracle – but don’t take my word for it, you have to try it because everyone’s condition is different.

Other Benefits:

  • Helps blood flow
  • Aids in giving you a good nights sleep
  • Reduces pain for up to 6 months
  • Makes you less stressed
  • Clears your head
  • Gives you something to talk about at parties

So if you suffer from lower, upper or mid back pain, I would definitely try this if all else has failed!

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