Benefits of Foam Rolling Before Workout

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Before you start any gym session – whether it’s a cardio session or weight lifting, then make sure you stretch and do some foam rolling! There are many benefits of doing this.

Foam rolling is a more intense version of stretching. Think of it as ironing out the wrinkles in your rumpled musculature. Foam rolling smoothens and stretches your muscles, and breaks up adhesions and scar tissue.

Doing this with your body weight, allows you to fully take advantage of loosening up those tight muscles in all parts of your body that you simply cant do by stretching normally. The pressure allows the blood circulation to flow a lot easier to all parts of your body, which in turn speeds workout recovery and boosts performance.

Should I do it after my workout too?

Yes! That would be good to give your muscles a lot more blood and relaxation so that lactic acid doesn’t build up and you don’t feel stiff or sore after an intense workout.

Give it a try! It is highly recommended by physiotherapists and yoga/pilates instructors.

I have had so much benefit from foam rolling for my back pain. I don’t ache anymore after my workouts!


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