Benefits of Hanging Upside Down

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There are quite a lot of benefits for doing exercises upside down. This includes hanging from bars or olympic rings, doing hand stands or head stands.

This is me doing reverse ab-crunches whilst hanging upside down on the olympic rings.

So what are the benefits of being upside down?

  • Increases Upper Body Strength – You really workout the muscles in your arms, shoulders, neck and upper back, utilising your upper body strength to keep you in your upside down position.
  • Increases your balance – Besides from having a lot of upper body strength to perform these exercises, you need to have really great balancing skills. At first, you will fall, but this takes a LOT of practise. You will get there eventually!
  • Medical Benefits – There are physical benefits such as decompressing the spine, improving your circulation and boosting your digestion, metabolic and endocrine system.
  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety – Handstands can also make you feel happier, since the blood flow to your brain has an energizing and calming effect, especially when you’re feeling really stressed out.
  • Build Core Strength – Since staying upside down forces you to stabilize your muscles, you’re constantly working your abs, as well as other key muscle groups such as your hip flexors, hamstrings, inner thigh muscles, obliques and lower back while in a handstand. Training handstands every day will get you a well balanced, super strong core.
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