Benefits of having a personal trainer

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Everyone has a fitness goal. Whether that’s getting your body ready for the summer, bulking up, losing weight, getting ripped or just want to fit into that wedding dress. But there’s always something that stops you from hitting your goals as quickly as you’d like. And that’s down to motivation and a lack of knowledge how. So here’s a few things to show you what the benefits are of having a personal trainer – and take it from me from experience – it does work!

When I first started going to the gym, I wasn’t really getting any closer to my goals. I was quite big and wanted to lose weight for one thing – especially the belly. But no matter how many times a week I went, I just couldn’t seem to shake it! I later realised what I was doing wrong. It all came down to diet and training regime. I had no diet plan – I used to think wraps, sandwiches and baguettes were all very healthy. Not necessarily – they carry carbs and some levels of saturated fat that won’t get you those abs! And yep, pizza didn’t help either! But also, running on a treadmill for 45mins is not going to burn away all my fat either, which I realised a little late. But how did I figure out what was the right foods to eat and the right workouts to do to burn fat? Through a Personal Trainer – that’s how!

Top benefits of having a personal trainer include:

  • Motivation – If you’ve gone to the gym on your own many times, you probably don’t know what difference motivation can have. When someone is there to push you, spot you, and give you little rest time between your sets, then and only then will you realise how easy you’ve been going on yourself!
  • Routine – Your PT will have a specific training plan and regime tailored for your ability. This will make a set routine that you will follow to hit your goals.
  • Keeping Track – A PT will keep track of your progress from start to finish. This includes tracking your weight, body fat percentage, and improvements in how much you can run, lift and burn!
  • Diet – This counts for 80% of you hitting your goals. A PT will tell you exactly where you are going wrong in your diet plans, and will at times, provide you a custom diet plan for you to shed away all that fat and start eating for a leaner body.
  • Inspiration – Most likely, your PT will have a great body! They eat clean, train hard, and hit their goals. Just seeing them in that shape should inspire you to do the same!
  • Health Advice – They can provide you a tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle – both in and out of the gym. They can also tell you how to lift properly to prevent injury, and at times, how to resolve any existing injuries through rehab exercises.
  • Relationship – You probably don’t talk to anyone else so closely about your health and fitness goals. Since they have personalised workouts for you, they listen to all your stories, your daily life activities, your lifestyle, your eating habits – and this relationship with your PT turns into a very close one, and they will become your best friend, as they will have the biggest impact on your fitness goals.

Here’s a sample clip I made with Shia Labeouf showing exactly what a Personal Trainer can be like with you!


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