Grill Yourself Healthy: Tefal OptiGrill Review

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So I just bought this beautiful piece of cookware for my kitchen called the OptiGrill, from Tefal. It is an electric grill for perfect grilling from rare to well-done. I have been looking for an electric grill for my Kitchen for a while now and came across, and had to try it! First day of cooking, and here’s my review of it.

Size of the Grill

The size is not too big, not too small. Fits perfectly on my kitchen counter, is quite light at just 5kg and is 40.5 x 37.6 x 23 cm in dimensions.

Ease of Setup

The grill is extremely easy to setup. It’s pretty much plug and cook! You simply set it up on your kitchen counter, insert the tray at the bottom (to gather the grease that falls from your meat), plug it in and turn on! After that, you simply put your meat in, select the type of food you’re grilling, and hit the start button! The OptiGrill does the rest for you! No, seriously!

My Review of Grilling

One of the biggest issues when grilling yourself a steak is knowing when it is ready – because you wouldn’t want an under or overcooked steak. But the automatic sensor on the OptiGrill is a very nice touch, as it recognises the thickness of the meat you put inside it and will automatically time it to perfection for when your meat or poultry is cooked to rare, medium or well done.

Here is my results of my first cook:

Step 1.

Turn on the Grill and select your setting and press OK. This will start the “Pre-Heating” phase with a purple light. Don’t put any meat in just yet.

2015-09-20 18.11.37

Step 2.

The light will turn Green and beep 3 times to let you know it is ready to start cooking! Then put your meat in. I selected Fish as I was grilling a Salmon Steak.

2015-09-20 18.11.25

Step 3.

You insert the meat and close the lid, but DON’t press any more buttons. The Grill was already selected before pre-heating so it will know to continue with that setting. Very straightforward. From this moment, it will start cooking, and the lights on the handle will go to Yellow first and beep, indicating it is cooked to Rare. You can either take out, or leave in and continue cooking until the light turns Orange and beeps again. This indicates that it is Medium cooked. Lastly, you can continue leaving your meat in and wait for the light to turn red and beep a third time to indicate it is Well-Done. Anything longer, well, you’ll have a nice crispy coal to eat!!

2015-09-20 18.17.19


This is so simple to clean. The easy-to-detach drip tray is so easy to wash, as is the dishwasher friendly removable top and bottom grill trays. Simply press and hold the button on the side and remove!

Time Consumption

It takes approximately 5 minutes for the grill to pre-heat, and then depending on what you’re cooking, it will take between 5-15mins of cooking time, and you can add cleaning time on top if you wish. All in all, that’s a really good cooking time – even though some may argue that its too long for their liking. But not for me, its perfect as most of that time, you can prepare other things whilst it is cooking, or go and have a tea whilst it cooks it for you, and beeps to call you back for when cooking is done!


If you miss the fact you need to leave the grill on pre-heat setting before you put any meat in, then you might not realise why you’re grill is setting you on Manual Mode every time you press a button. Yep, I made that mistake on my first try, I was too excited and put my steak straight in when I turned the grill on, and it switched to Manual because the Automatic sensor recognized meat had been added without optimal pre-heating time, so assumed you knew what you was doing and kept turning it on Manual Mode. The grill NEEDS to go through pre-heating to know how to cook the pre-set options. D’oh! But that’s a good thing, rather than a bad thing, so going forward, you will know why it is doing that!

Overall Conclusion

Lets put it this, I’m going to be using this to cook almost everything! Not just my meat (no jokes please!), but also vegetables, panini’s, sandwiches, and anything I can think of! It is so easy to use and has such great benefits.

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