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Hey Guys

So its really important to have a healthy breakfast to help you maintain a clean, lean, and mean body! Do not over-do it on a lot of carbs. When you wake up, its good to have Warm Water with Lemon or Green Tea to help with weight loss, or even make yourself a Green Juice and have some Oats/Porridge, as well as some Egg Whites or Whey Protein Shake.

But after your breakfast, you may get hungry again fairly soon, but too early for lunch!

The image on the left shows what I had for Brunch.

A bowl of Banana and Kaki Fruit (aka Sharon Fruit, or Persimmon). Topped with Cinnamon powder!

And yes, if like me, you love chocolate, then I had a choc chip Oats brunch bar as well!

I have such a sweet tooth and this is the perfect healthy alternative for me, rather than what I used to have – which was a big chocolate croissant, or a hot chocolate, or even a Cadburys chocolate bar!

Remember, a healthy diet can still be tasty!!


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