How Healthy are Sweet Potato Fries?

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We all know that Sweet Potato is a great source of carbs to give you that energy boost for your workout. But just how healthy are the fries made with sweet potatoes?

This all depends on how they are prepared. If you buy them from restaurants, most likely they are deep fried and can contain large amounts of fat and might contain harmful trans fats. Not to mention they are salted too. But if make sweet potato fries at home and use healthy preparation methods, then you can obtain the health benefits of these bad boys.

Here are some of the health benefits:

Dietary Fiber

It is always good to have a source of fiber in your daily diet. Dietary fiber improves your cardiovascular health, helping prevent high cholesterol that increases your risk of heart disease. But one other benefit that really assists with bodybuilders is that it stabilizes your blood sugar levels. What this means is that after your meal, you wont be hungry for longer.


Potassium helps regulate the activity of enzymes within your cells, activating enzymes your cells need to metabolize carbohydrates. Sweet Potato Fries come with a good level of Potassium, which helps control your blood pressure, and in return, prevents hypertension.

Vitamin A

Beta-carotene is a source of vitamin A, which is present in Sweet Potatoes. In fact, it is what gives the potatoes its Orangey color. Your body utilizes vitamin A to aid in cell development, maintain your immune system and vision and facilitate new red blood cell production.


Leave the peels on your sweet potatoes when making fries to retain the food’s dietary fiber content and use olive oil to coat your fries to boost your intake of healthy fats.

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