Is Lobster Healthy for you?

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Are you tired of having the same meat over and over to get your protein intake? Taken in moderation, Lobster can be a great alternative source of protein, as it packs 28g of it for a 6-ounce Lobster, and very low fat!

Today I had lunch at a restaurant in London called Burger & Lobster – primarily because these are the only 2 things on the menu. But I ordered a Lobster with chips and salad (I know, chip’s aren’t healthy, but hey, it’s included in the price)!

Lobster serves as an excellent source of lean protein. It also provides you with a source of Vitamin B, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium and zinc, which aid in bone health, cell function, glucose regulation, energy production and neurological health. The protein nourishes your bones and cartilage to keep your bones strong and also supports the health of your blood.

This is of course all dependent on how the Lobster is prepared, and how much salt or butter it is doused in, but on the whole, is a delicious protein seafood!


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