Leg Workout in the Park

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So, I went running in the park – and by doing a 5k run on it’s own, is just about a good leg workout itself. But, to burn fat, you cant just keep running endlessly. The best way to burn fat is to do interval training, which consists of fast paced bursts of cardio, mixed with weighted exercises.

In my session here, I did 600meter runs, followed by squats, lunges, and hill climbs. I also mixed up my sets with doing dips on the park bench, single leg squats and jumps.

By the end of this session, my legs were ready to explode, because they were on FIRE!

This is a really good way to get those definitions in your legs, as well as sweat away all the body fat on the rest of your body.

Just find your local park, and try it out!

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