Lift a cow up the castle! That’s right.

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So…old tales say that one day the Sassanid king was traveling the lands, and at some point decided to rest in a castle on his way. The next day he realised a cow had vanished but he could still hear it time to time. Puzzled by the mystery he asked the servant girl about the cow, and she said “your majesty, I moved the cow up the castle to make more room for your horses”! The king couldn’t believe her (and yet you obviously don’t!) so he told her if you bring the cow down the castle’s stairs and take it back up again, I shall give you enough gold to get you out of living a life as a servant.

The girl walked up the stairs to the castle’s roof, lifted the cow on her shoulders and did as the king said (you guys still believe it didn’t happen right?). Dazzled by the incredible powers of the girl the king rewarded her as promised and asked: “What gives you the strength of such measures?”, and the servant girl laughed and replied what translates to “Doing great things comes from doing them in plenty”, then she continued: “When I was a little girl, this cow was a calf, and I occasionally had to move it up the castle. Years passed and as I grew up, so did the calf, and now it feels just like the same little calf of my childhood”.


True or not, the REAL thing about this story is building strength through repetitive and regular training, so I put together a simple set of exercises which help you boost stamina, strength, and endurance. These exercises not only help you push your boundaries psychologically, but will also prove that you can improve your body by breaking your own records day after day. After doing these for a week you should expect to build a body as hard as marble!


If you are fit (or anywhere near that) you can do these exercises as a pre workout warm up or strength building cardio after you finish (they make your heart pump out of your chest!!!)

DAY 1:

x3 sets of 100 skipping
x3 sets of 5 pull-ups
x4 sets of 10 pushups

DAY 2:

x3 sets of 125 skipping
x3 sets of 6 pull-ups
x4 sets of 12 pushups

DAY 3:

x3 sets of 150 skipping
x3 sets of 7 pull-ups
x4 sets of 15 pushups

DAY 4:

x3 sets of 170 skipping
x3 sets of 8 pull-ups
x4 sets of 17 pushups

DAY 5:

x3 sets of 200 skipping
x3 sets of 9 pull-ups
x4 sets of 20 pushups

DAY 6:

x3 sets of 250 skipping
x3 sets of 10 pull-ups
x4 sets of 22 pushups

DAY 7:

x3 sets of 300 skipping
x3 sets of 12 pull-ups
x4 sets of 25 pushups

Let me know how well you did and what were your results/challenges doing the “Marble Body Workout” in the comments below.

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    By: Navid Homayoun

    Navid is a former sports champion in swimming and has played volleyball professionally in Europe for more than 5 years. Navid has the 2nd best UK record of the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest 10k race in London (0:48:44) and is an active nutrition consultant and athlete trainer.

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