My 1 Year Body Transformation

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So I started this Gymbox journey just a little over a year ago and what an amazing year It’s been.

I thought I used to be slim, but looking back, I can see the truth. After all the hard workouts, the cardio, the classes, the sports, the personal training sessions and most importantly, the diet plan changes, I am well on my way to get the body I want! But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all fun and games.

Through the past year, I’ve endured back injuries, shoulder injuries, ankle and knee injuries, sprained wrists and monthly physio and massage sessions. Fighting through all the pain is what determination is all about, and I Thank everyone who has supported me throughout this wonderful journey.

I used to be 62kg and 24% Body Fat. For my height, that’s pretty bad! Now apparently on the scales, thats 1% away from Obese! Can you believe it?? I began cutting my weight through intensive training and cardio and diet changes, and got down to 15% Body fat after 6 months, and was 58kg. I then started bulking up to get more broad and leaner. So I went up to 19% body fat and am now 55kg. The body works in different ways, but I am aiming to get to 10% body fat by next year and be around 60kg with more muscle fat than anything else. Work hard, it can be done!

Never Give Up!

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    By: Umer’s Fitness

    I am an avid gym enthusiast, with a passion for everything health, nutrition and fitness. I have done a lot of training, diet plans and workouts/classes over the last few years. I do a lot of research and find out what makes the human body work and turn that into results. I use that to inspire people to achieve their goals and live a healthy lifestyle.

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