My First Blog – An Introduction

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Hey Fitness World!

This is my first blog post on my website. I just wanted to introduce myself!

Who Am I?

My name is Umer. I am 29 years old (at the time of writing this post in Nov 2014). I currently work and live in London, UK.

What do I do?

I work full time as a Scrum Master! Yes, you heard it right….Scrum Master! Some of you may be asking what the heck is that?! Well, its very similar to being a Project Manager, which I have been for a few years. I manage a team to work hard towards a common goal! Much like fitness, I enjoy motivating others to achieve their goals! Whether it be in IT, Media or even Fitness!

My Fitness Journey

I first joined a gym in 2007 – I used to mix up my routines with a whole bunch of random workouts – ranging from treadmill, cross-trainer, free-weights, and various toning machines. The Gym I went to was very small, and was always crowded during peak times, which was one of the reasons why I hardly got much motivation to go. I would end up going 3 days in a week on a very good week. On most weeks, I went only once or twice. I did not have a set routine and just used it as an excuse to increase my stamina and general health. What I didn’t realise is that I wasn’t losing any weight or body fat, because my diet was always the same. My diet included a lot of junk food, and just couldn’t shed the fat around my belly, cheeks and legs!

Fast forwarding to April 2014, After having a 1 year break from gym after I suffered an ankle injury from football, I joined a gym in central london, next to my office – called Gymbox. This was a gym like no other, and had such a great vibe, that it actually provided me motivation to go. There was Live DJ’s, a Boxing Ring, Neon Lights everywhere, about 100 unique and cool classes, and very friendly staff! I then took on Personal Training sessions to kick start my health and fitness journey for real! I was very determined to get the lean body definition I always wanted, and aimed to go 4 or 5 times a week.

Where am I now?

Currently, I am so happy with the results I have achieved over the last 6 months. I have lost 9% body fat, down to 15% from 24%! I lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle! My stomach is looking lean, I have lost the ‘Moobs’ I once had – and it was all down to persistence, a very good Diet Plan (This counts for 80% of your goal), and some awesome personal training sessions, by the best in the business!

My Goal

I aim to get down to 10-12% body fat, and have a ripped body! That includes very defined pecks, a 6 pack, defined biceps/triceps and even stronger legs!

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    By: Umer’s Fitness

    I am an avid gym enthusiast, with a passion for everything health, nutrition and fitness. I have done a lot of training, diet plans and workouts/classes over the last few years. I do a lot of research and find out what makes the human body work and turn that into results. I use that to inspire people to achieve their goals and live a healthy lifestyle.

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