Start a “NoCoke” habit today and live longer!

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Remember that fantastic feeling of having a soft drink with or after a heavy high protein meal like a stake or burger? Well you will regret every drop of it if you still haven’t developed a NoCoke Habit. This does not come down to a specific brand, in fact all sugary sparkling drinks do a lot of harm to your mind and body. We are not going to discuss the boring science stuff today, but think about the very primary damages canned soft drinks can do to your health…coloured teeth, injecting extra calories and sugar to your metabolic system which ends up in fat stored in your body, and possible addiction to consume more which is seen more in diet and sugar-free versions.

So stay soft drink free for a month, and see the wonders that will start to happen to your mind, body, and hopefully soul! Healthier alternatives are always available and indeed easy to make, cheaper, and strongly addictive too (in a good way of course!). So don’t just take my words for it, try these alternatives and see it for your self.


Honey and mint lemonade



This is super easy and super sweet too. Just blend pure natural honey with a small sized lemon squeezed and juiced. Gently mix with ice-cold water or blend it with a few crushed ice cubes for more joy!


Fruit infused water


Well you certainly need to be a rocket scientist for this one… a jar, ice-cold water, a few chopped fruits of your choice (citrus and tropical fruits work best) like oranges, lemons, pineapple, strawberries, apples…you name it, and finally a Vouala! Remember…ice-cold water or crushed ice is the key ingredient, that’s what causes the nice refreshing feeling; so don’t forget…“best served chill”!


Fresh fruit juices

If you are willing to go the extra mile and drop and few apples, carrots, and chopped pineapple into your blender, you are more than welcome, however why not grab a watermelon with a hand blender and do this awesome water melon blend demonstrated below. Feel free to drop a few mint leafs to make it extra awesome and remember to cool the watermelon in the fridge beforehand!

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    By: Navid Homayoun

    Navid is a former sports champion in swimming and has played volleyball professionally in Europe for more than 5 years. Navid has the 2nd best UK record of the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest 10k race in London (0:48:44) and is an active nutrition consultant and athlete trainer.

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