The 15 Moves in 15 Minutes Workout

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The holiday season is upon us—which means hectic days, busy nights, and just about zero time (or energy) for a workout. Thankfully, we have a 15-minute solution, courtesy of celeb trainer and Cyc Fitness creator Keoni Hudoba. The Hawaiian-born trainer is known for his tough, high-energy workouts—and an incredible personal transformation story of his own: Once unhealthy and sedentary, Hudoba lost more than 100 pounds.

This quick workout comprises 15 moves, but the philosophy is simple: Do each one for 60 seconds, and you’re done. You won’t need a thing for this workout (the equipment in some of the images below isn’t necessary), just a little endurance to push through to the end.

15 Moves in 15 Minutes Workout

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