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Hey Guys

WBFF is the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion professional competition, known around the world.

I had the pleasure of going to my first WBFF Pro competition at The O2 Indigo in London, for the UK WBFF Pro competition. And I have to say, it was definitely a fun and unique experience! Even just watching it!

I went to cheer on my personal trainer Amanda Branco, who was competing in the Diva Fitness & Themed Costume Category. Having witness how hard she worked for months and months prior to the competition, with a very strict diet plan, hardcore training sessions, and living such a healthy lifestyle – it was a pleasure to see that she had won BOTH awards that she was competed in. She was the WBFF Diva Fitness #1 Winner and the Best Themed outfit of the WBFF of the night! If you guys could see the happiness in her face when they announced the winner, it would make you cry! This is how much it meant to her and I couldn’t be prouder that she won.

In the evening, we had dinner at a nearby hotel with all the other competitors and the cast and crew of the WBFF. What a great way to end an amazing night.


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