What Sauces are Healthy with your Meal?

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So you like to have Ketchup, BBQ Sauce or Mayonnaise with your meals? In moderation, they can be fine in some instances, but I would recommend using alternatives as manufacturers will tend to put lots of sugar in these condiments. Mayo is especially high in fat and actually doesn’t have any nutritional value to you.

Condiments I recommend for healthy alternatives:

    • This contains all the healthy stuff you need: Basil, Olive Oil, Pine Nuts and Garlic. Rest of the ingredients include a healthy variety of antioxidants that are perfect for your health. It not only goes good with Pasta – so you can be adventurous and try it on various dishes!
    • Salsa is not just for chips. It can be added to a lot of various foods. But remember to choose a salsa with no added sugar! They are primarily made up of lots of vegetables.
    • Yep, thats right! It’s usually the sidekick for Ketchup – but is great for your health. It doesn’t contain sugar and is full of antioxidants that are great for your body
    • A lot of people can’t handle spicy food, but prefer having that extra spice from a sauce – and it’s perfectly fine to do so! Just avoid the ones that are high in salt as high sodium levels are not good for you. But other than that, go nuts and get spicy!
    • Or even just plain Olive Oil is a really healthy dressing for your salad and other foods
    • This is a middle-eastern sauce that is great! It is a creamy paste like sauce that is an active ingredient in Hummus.
    • Very popular in the Asian community. Soy sauce is made of a combination of fermented soybeans and wheat. Great for dipping cooked food into.

Besides these, there may be several more that is good for you, but these are the primary ones that I use in all my meals.

Try, explore and live healthy!



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2 thoughts on “What Sauces are Healthy with your Meal?

  1. Thanks for the awesome article. Very useful information here. You forgot to add home made mango sauce and su dried tomato and chilli sauce which are equally healthy and add a great taste to the various dishes. Keep writing more staff, doing how do videos for these sauces is also a good idea.

    1. Great idea Nav! I really love the tomato and chilli sauce – will definitely be adding that to my list soon!

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